Project shortlisted in Branding category for Creativepool Annual Awards 2020 - London, UK
Roles: Research and Visual Strategy - Brand Visual Design - Creative Direction - Presenting  - Collaboration Software: Illustrator - InDesign - Photoshop - After Effects  
the client: Museum of London Archaeology is the most valuable assets with a rich heritage, born out of the Museum of London’s identity. However it has not changed since 2012 which means it was created before the digital revolution and is no longer flexible enough to support their ambitions for presenting the modern face of archaeology.
the objective: Work with the existing Museum of London Archaeology visual identity to modernise the look and feel of the brand, with a contemporary feel and flexibility for the digital age, for presenting the modern face of archaeology
Previous existing brand Museum of London Archaeology 
the solution: Whilst spending time with archaeologists, I have been inspired by shapes and fragments of archaeological objects, linking shapes together to unveil the images and stories of a colourful past and enhance our knowledge of the future of human behaviour. history.
With these archaeological elements, I have decided to bring it altogether to create graphics with playfulness and vibrancy of colours in a contemporary way, that provokes a sense of fun, stimulates engagement and suggests a modern and contemporary approach to archaeology. 
shape elements: Inspired by shapes and fragments of archaeological objects and finds, I saw this as an opportunity to bring playfulness by linking shapes together to unveil images, stories of the past and technology of the present and future.​​​​​​​
icons: The series of icons are inspired by archaeological practices over time, as well as modern research methods and the necessity to engage with the public to share knowledge for social benefit.

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